Our Bread

Let’s start with the obvious. Each loaf is made by hand with only four ingredients: flour, salt, water, and wild yeast. It’s cold fermented and baked with high heat and high moisture for a true crust and a soft, chewy interior. The wild yeast gives it a natural tanginess and makes this a mild sourdough. It also makes it the best bread in Duluth. Here’s why:

High heat and high moisture

Proteins set faster on the outside than the inside. The higher heat and moisture creates the Maillard reaction, where the carbohydrates caramelize for a deep brown true crust. The interior stays moist and dense, but springy and chewy at the same time.

Wild yeast

Wild yeast contains living lactobacilli, the same probiotic bacteria in yogurt and kombucha. This gives the bread a slight sourdough tang and naturally preserves it.

Made by hand

Each loaf is made by hand the traditional way. The recipe technique is 40 pages long and takes at least 5 hours.

Only natural ingredients

Our goal was to make the best bread possible, not to avoid certain ingredients. But it just so happens that the most traditional styles of bread are naturally vegan with no preservatives, additives, or dough conditioners–just flour, salt, water, and wild yeast!

Cold fermented

This slows the activity of the yeast, which allows time for deeper, richer flavor to develop without sacrificing structural stability.

Made in Duluth/made in Lincoln Park

We both grew up in Duluth and went to college here. We’re proud to be part of the up-and-coming Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Ingredients Policy: All of our wheat and yeast is free-range, cage free, and humanely treated. Our salt isn’t farm raised, but wild caught, and allowed to live out its natural salt life before being slaughtered. We make no guarantees about the water.

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