Pretzel Basket


They’re big. They’re fat. They’re German. And they’re pretzels. In a Basket!

Michael is fairly fluent in German (another one of his irritating talents) and has been studying Bavarian pretzel recipes. Now, he’s unveiling the most amazing pretzel you’ve ever eaten. Soft and pillowy with a crunchy brown crust and a shower of salt, these monster pretzels weigh in at almost a half-pound each and are perfect with beer, mustard, and a family touch football game. These pretzels are delivered frozen so you can enjoy them one at a time.

Six enormous frozen pretzels, crunchy salt, cinnamon sugar, and sweet Bavarian-style mustard, all packaged up in an attractive basket with some jokes written in German thrown in for good measure. This is one gift guaranteed* to get you invited back!

* Not actually guaranteed.

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