We’re open for walk-ups and selling treats out of our “social distancing window” from 6am to 1pm Tuesday through Saturday! We’re also taking subscribers for our monthly boxes.

Who we are

Family Owned

The business is 100% owned by Robert and Michael Lillegard. Robert is 5 years older, and when Michael was in 5th grade, he wrote a class essay about why Robert was his hero. That’s adorable.

“What can you do with a math degree?”

Asked no one ever. But Michael, who graduated with high honors with a Masters in Mathematics, didn’t feel like becoming a professor or a mathematician. Why would he pick a secure, lucrative job when he could go into a dying industry known for instability and long hours instead? As a hobby during grad school, he hand built a wood fired oven with his dad. Then he took out the calculator and baking books and started testing variables. 2000 loaves later he had iterated his way to the perfect recipe. He wanted to concentrate on baking and selling, so Robert assured him that for a small permanent stake in all future earnings, he’d take care of the “details”.

“What can you do with a humanities degree?”

Tons. It gives you communication skills and critical thinking you can use for telemarketing, door to door sales, or working in fast food—Robert can say, “do you want fries with that?” in three languages. He ended up becoming a food writer for the New York Times and other publications. The only problem was he still had to actually produce something, which was not as good as his original goal of being paid for stuff other people did. When his little brother Michael, whom Robert once conned out of $25 for a Beanie Baby (Hoot the Owl), said he needed a business partner, he saw his opportunity.