Our Coffee

Hi! Meet our coffee roaster, Brandon. I met him at a farmer’s market when we were just a tiny shop and thought “this guy is incredible”. His coffees threw nuanced notes like creamy apple or spiced grapefruit, every roast was San Francisco quality even though he was doing it solo. I said “Brandon, some day, if we get big, we’re using YOUR coffee.” AND NOW WE ARE. Brandon owns Parable Coffee and makes our house blend and some of our specialty roasts. So to the man who personally brought our espresso machine on his truck and taught us to foam milk, we salute you.

We have:

House and rotating feature drip coffees
The Duluth Latte, featuring 100% real maple syrup and cinnamon
Lattes, cappuccinos, cortados, etc
Both whole milk and oat milk
Various flavors of syrups, and even sugar-free syrup if you’re into that
A Nuova Simonelli espresso machine (from an Italian company who has been doing this since 1936)
Handmade mugs from Karin Kraemer at Duluth Pottery
Free WiFi
Cool seating left over from when Blacklist was in our space
Decaf from local roaster Almanac Coffee (Duluth’s best decaf!)

And crazy seasonal drinks that I am 100% sure I will forget to update on the website