We deeply appreciate all our supporters, and many people have helped us who aren’t named Tom. But for some reason, a lot of our biggest supporters are named Tom. So this one goes out to all the Toms out there. As Michael says: “Toms have been good to us.”

Tom Hanson (owner of Duluth Grill)

*Helped us with our retail launch.

*Gave us a sweet deal on a mixer and some excellent advice.

*All-around good guy.

Tom Rich (runs the Wednesday Bakery in Superior)

*Gave us a place to start baking, a great deal on a mixer, and lots of support.

*Appreciated Michael’s Disney music on Pandora.

*All-around good guy

Tom Livingston (expert videographer)

*Made an amazing television commercial for us.

*Let us be the only food vendor at his first Celebrate Winter event.

*All-around good guy.

Tom Sjoberg (math professor at UMD)

*Encouraged Michael to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.

*Loyal customer.

*All-around good guy.

Tom Hagen (consultant)

*Was one of the first restaurant people to get excited about our bread.

*Hooked us up with our first recurring pretzel order (with yet another Tom!).

*All-around good guy.