We’re open for walk-ups and selling treats out of our “social distancing window” from 6am to 1pm Tuesday through Saturday! We’re also taking subscribers for our monthly boxes.


We deeply appreciate all our supporters, and many people have helped us who aren’t named Tom. But for some reason, a lot of our biggest supporters are named Tom. So this one goes out to all the Toms out there. As Michael says: “Toms have been good to us.”

Tom Hanson (owner of Duluth Grill)

*Helped us with our retail launch.

*Gave us a sweet deal on a mixer and some excellent advice.

*All-around good guy.

Tom Rich (runs the Wednesday Bakery in Superior)

*Gave us a place to start baking, a great deal on a mixer, and lots of support.

*Appreciated Michael’s Disney music on Pandora.

*All-around good guy

Tom Livingston (expert videographer)

*Made an amazing television commercial for us.

*Let us be the only food vendor at his first Celebrate Winter event.

*All-around good guy.

Tom Sjoberg (math professor at UMD)

*Encouraged Michael to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.

*Loyal customer.

*All-around good guy.

Tom Hagen (consultant)

*Was one of the first restaurant people to get excited about our bread.

*Hooked us up with our first recurring pretzel order (with yet another Tom!).

*All-around good guy.