Where To Get It

How To Get Duluth’s Best Bread Straight From The Source

Our store hours are 9am–1pm Thursdays and Saturdays.

If you want the bread another day or time, here’s where else you can go:


Whole Foods Coop: Denfeld
Whole Foods Coop: Hillside
Stokke’s Adolph Store
Gannuci’s Italian Market
Wednesday Bakery (Wednesday only)


At Sara’s Table (Croissants)
Red Mug (Croissants)
Beaner’s Central (Tuesday Croissants, Friday Cinnamon Rolls)
Pelican Coffee (Croissants)

Feel like eating out? These restaurants cook with our stuff:

Northern Waters
Gannucci’s Italian Market
Zeitgeist Arts Café
At Sara’s Table
Beaner’s Central Coffeehouse


Work at Essentia?

We do free delivery both places on Wednesdays.  Email duluthsbestbread@gmail.com to order.

For Larger Orders or Deliveries

Call Michael Lillegard at (218) 590-5966 to arrange delivery or email him at michael.lillegard@gmail.com.

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